About Us

EZ Public Relations is a press company that specializes in digital publications. However, we deal with billboards, magazine publications, consulting and tv commercials. We have been publishing articles with clients fo nearly 2 years now. Eddy Zillan, the founder of EZ Public Relations, initially discovered the power of press over 4 years ago. He got placements on dozens of publications such as business insider, yahoo finance, and others. With these articles his business increased over 10x in traffic, sales, and exposure. Eddy realized that if he can get guaranteed placements like what he got, then he could helkp thoudsands of businesses and individuals grow their name.

After years of being in the PR industry Eddy now has a portfolio of over 1000 published articles for clients, multiple Fortune 500 companies and clients, and dozens of celebrity clients. Eddy's goal with EZ public relations is to help all his clients get the credibility they need!